Soft Play Ireland design, manufacture, install indoor play centres. Our experience comes from establishing and running our own indoor play centres, visit them at Kidstown.ie and Arena5.ie

We provide practical consultation and advice on planning, appropriate layout and buildings for a muti-activity play business, regulations, staff training and a turnkey solutions, all based on our practical experience.

We know it takes more than a play frame to create a successful business. We have the expertise to guide you through setting up and running a premier play centre. Our emphasis is always on safety features, quality of materials and commitment to detail.

Create a theme then design and build for you’

Drawing inspiration from history, fantasy or different cultures, our experienced team will build a play world that will transport your guests away from the everyday, with fantastic designs that engages and capture the imagination.

What we create and develop we have the experience and know how to turn these designs into successful, working play centres.

Soft Play Ireland only supply products that we have actually tried in real time in play centres. This is why we are confident that these products are tough enough to handle all that kids can trow at them. Please visit our shop to see the hand selected products available.

We can deliver nationwide. We stand behind every thing we sell. Should you have any problems with the quality or assembly of our products please call us for our support.

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